Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

So it's my birthday, which means we are almost at the one year mark in Tanzania. So I figured I'd celebrate... by leaving Tanzania. (Not really, just a coincidence.) I'm here in Durban, South Africa with my mom for a week and a half or so. She's doing a talk at a really lovely art museum, about memory cloths. (Seriously, it's pretty cool, and the curator is awesome and incredibly entertaining explaining everything. If you're in Durban, go to the Phanzi Museum.) Mom's been sick, so we haven't been doing a whole ton, which has been fine, after I got used to it. The first day of being cooped up and waiting for the woman from the gallery to come was super frustrating. But then we actually got out, which was nice. We saw the Avengers, which was silly, but the first time I'd been to a movie theatre in a year, and we wandered around a huge shopping mall that was super nice, but didn't actually go into any stores or do any shopping. Then the next day mom was feeling worse, so she literally spent the whole day in the hotel. I walked down the beach by myself in the afternoon and got lunch and went to the aquarium. I came back to see if mom was up for getting some dinner, but she wasn't, so room service it was. Then yesterday we went to the Phanzi museum and a couple of other galleries and had some tea and got italian food, which was super good. We had artichoke hearts! Grilled and marinated ones! Super yummy. And now today's my birthday. Mom's napping but then we'll probably go do something. Haven't really decided yet. I opened some presents from my family and some cards. My sister wrote me a super cute one and picked out some nice skirts for me. I miss her. That's the problem with seeing one family member. It makes me miss the rest of them. The hotel here is really nice. It's facing the ocean on the beach. (Which might be more exciting if it wasn't winter in the southern hemisphere.) And every morning there's a super awesome buffet breakfast. It changes a little from day to day but there are sausages, and bacon and fish and eggs and baked beans and omelets and grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and corn pudding and potatoes and fresh fruit and poached pears and guavas and juice and scones and whipped cream and raspberry sauce and croissants and yogurt and cereal and all sorts of things. It's pretty fun having so many choices, but makes it so we really only need 2 meals a day. Anyways, South Africa's nice, but not terribly exciting. It's kind of like a british version of florida in africa, if that makes sense. Very floridan, but all of the chains and things are stuff I recognize from London, and more black people and funny accents. Not a huge ton to do, which is okay, especially with sicko mom, so I think we're gonna take a day trip or two somewhere nearby after her talk's done. It's weird leaving Tanzania, which pretty much feels like home now. I've lived there longer than I did in Korea, plus when I was in Korea I left to go to China and Malaysia and Cambodia, whereas this is the first time I left Tanzania. When I was going through passport control, I didn't have to fill out a form, cuz I'm a resident, which was oddly satisfying. Anyways, that's what's going on with me. Plus I'm less young than I was yesterday. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday sent a card should be there when you return. Tell Leslie to feel better. xo Ellie