Thursday, August 30, 2012


So in the hope of not habitually going ages in between posts, I'm gonna write a super brief update. I'm in dar for our mid service conference, which involves a bit of medical, a bit of sessions and a bunch of seeing other volunteers. I don't have tb or new cavities, or anything medical going on these days. So yay! And then we spent two days listening to various people talk about various things, like grants and ict and possible 3rd year extensions. Plus a lot of going and talking to staff people about what's going on at site and my plans for my life and things like that. And then tomorrow, I'm leading an English session with Mel and Hannah. Which we haven't really planned yet. We should sort that out.


  1. glad to have more frequent & shorter updates.
    Let us know how the English lesson went.
    Love mom

  2. Good to hear from you again. Off to Pennsylvania to spend a week with the other side. Look forward to pictures of people you don't know. Just kidding. Glad you're back blogging. xo Ellie