Friday, September 28, 2012

2 Super Exciting Things!

1. I got engaged! Bill asked me to marry him during the super regional last week, and I really couldn't be happier. It was really lovely and spontaneous, and partially in Swahili. :) So we're getting married! It's funny, during PST they do the whole "if you get married, you need to tell your country director" thing, and I was like "yeah, right, like that's gonna happen," but lo and behold, it did. I went and talked to EB and got the list of things that she needs to sign off on to approve me still being a PCV once I'm married. (They're very insistent that they're not giving you permission to get married, they're giving you permission to continue being a volunteer once you're married, which actually is a pretty important distinction.) But in my case, with Bill being a recently COSed Tanzania volunteer, there's nothing to worry about with that. He can clearly handle the language and culture and his job is in line with the goals of the Peace Corps. So if everything works out right, I'll extend for a third year with Peace Corps here in Tanzania, and me and Bill will get married during my home leave between my normal service and my extension and then we'll come back to Tanzania. I couldn't be happier. Really pretty much everything is going right for me right now.

2. My grant got approved! This means that it's up on the Peace Corps' website, and now it's up to people on the internet in America to donate and give us money, so that we can build the library and get my kids a place to study and books to read! So go here, and contribute!

Beyond that things are good. We had our super regional (finally, after more than a year at site) and that was awesome. They used an Open Spaces training format, which I loved. Basically, it was led by us, so people came up with things they wanted to talk about, and we made a schedule, and then the people who were interested in a topic showed up for those sessions and those who weren't did other things, and it was great because everyone who was there was engaged and interested and actually wanted to be there for that thing. And the rest of the time I got to spend with my new fiance. :) Also, I think I've found where I want to do my extension, and I'm really hoping that works out. (It's in Moshi, where Bill lives.) And I've been invited to do some English teacher trainings, which I'm looking forward to. And now I'm in Dar for my first meeting as VAC president, which went smoothly, and seemed pretty productive, and some good things came out of. And next week I'll be back to school, which hopefully will be back to normal after this week's graduation, and can really get into the bulk of the semester and actually teaching. So yay!


  1. So Wonderful! Really Happy you are so happy! Please put in a picture of you two together & Your Tanzanite ring. Love mom

  2. I want to see the ring too!, So happy for you and Bill. Many xos for both of you. Ellie