Sunday, February 17, 2013

Library progress.

Things are coming along incredibly smoothly for the library project. We gave our fundi (carpenter) 2 million shillings upfront to go buy supplies and start work, and he took that and finished the first half of the work in half the time we'd scheduled for him. We've got the electricity done, the room mostly painted, the new door installed, the wire mesh ready to be installed on the windows, 58 chairs and 5 tables done. So now he's got his last 1.8 million, and is working on the shelves. We've also written a letter to the regional library in Moshi about taking the students of the library committee to visit and see how a library works. We also have a meeting with the committee on Tuesday to begin putting the catalogue together. It's really exciting to see everything coming together, and I love walking by and looking at all the chairs. It's so cool that its actually happening and everyone at the school is even more excited than me. Our second master came to the meeting with the fundi, to sign the contract when we gave him the second payment, and it was really touching to hear him talk about how rare it is for government schools to have libraries and how good it is for us to be getting one.
Beyond that I've been teaching and running my clubs. My counterparts have taken over primary responsibility for Life Skills club (yay sustainability!) but I'm still equally responsible for English club and I'm just showing my counterpart the ropes for Theatre club. The kids decided that the issue they wanted to explore was early marriage, cuz everyone knows at least a couple people who got married before 18 (usually cuz they got knocked up or something like that) and so that's what we're focusing on. We did our research and discussion and data analysis and they chose characters, so next week we start getting on our feet and putting scenes together. It should be fun.

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  1. What's a library without books! What are the first books you've decided to
    enter? Pep